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Project Doa 0.4.1 demo - A simple memory game and a metaphor of life...

In Project Doa, the player must memorize the correct order of door's colors to open to progress. You can download the early access demo: https://semperludens.itch.io/project-doa

The core of the gameplay is for the player to choose a door in the time limit to progress. There are some diamonds to get along. If the player chooses the wrong door or if the time is over, a monster brings him back to the beginning and he loses all his diamonds. Eventually, the player reaches the exit at the end of the level. In the future, he will get a power-up in selling those diamonds he got.

It's a metaphor of life and it's opportunities and distractions. The game teaches that it's better to try and learn...

Watch a preview: https://youtu.be/5bNZFudCH0s

Install instructions

Windows version : projectDoa0.4.1.exe

You need to install the game as any usual Windows Apps then enjoy!


projectDoa0.4.1.exe 20 MB

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